2016 Empowerment ("Wang") Schedule

The public may attend all of the ceremonies below by donation. You are most welcome to join us for lunch before hand. We request you email retreat at palyul dot org to let us know and that you make a $10 donation for the food. If you are planning to attend morning practices, teachings or evening programs, the cost is $65 off-site fee and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can register as a weekend visitor if you plan on spending Friday and Saturday nights with us. The form is here below on this page.

Thursday, 7/14, 9 AM: Rigzin Dupa Tsog
Saturday, 7/16: Vajrakilaya
Sunday, 7/17: White Tara
Tuesday, 7/19, 2 PM: Refuge Vow, Dzam Ling Chi Sang
Friday, 7/22, 2 PM: Bodhisattva Vow
Saturday, 7/23: Vajrasattva
Sunday, 7/24: Avalokitesvara
Saturday, 7/30: Rigdzin Dupa
Sunday, 7/31: Amitabha
Saturday, 8/6: Yumka
Sunday, 8/7: Konchog Chidu Tsewang (Long life empowerment)

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