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Meditation has become an increasingly popular and effective way to promote mental and physical health, bringing profound benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. At the Palyul Retreat Center, attendees will not only learn how to meditate, but they will also receive deeper teachings on how to generate compassion and cultivate inner peace.

The center holds formally organized retreats every summer, beginning with the July 4th weekend Nyungné (fasting and purification) retreat and followed by the annual summer retreat, which lasts from July 10 to August 10. The program features the traditional step-by-step approach, from the foundation practices of Ngondrö to the deep meditation practices Dzogchen Trekchö, providing attendees with an immersive and comprehensive experience.

In 2023, the center will host a cultural program, religious blessings, music, and a picnic on August 5 and 6. All attendees should read the center's COVID policy, which is available here.

Individuals can also request permission to conduct a personal weekend retreat at the center, with facilities available for extended personal retreats by Palyul students. This presents an opportunity for attendees to experience the tranquility and peacefulness of the center at their own pace.

Meditation has the power to transform lives and provide individuals with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. If you're looking for a transformative experience, come join us at the Palyul Retreat Center this summer, and discover how "Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand".

Yang Bum - Special Wealth Vase


Welcome to the continuing Fundraising Drive for Palyul Ling International. Your donation will help us continue to preserve the teaching tradition that stretches back centuries.

Donate Now

This year we have a special gift for those donating $160 or more (or $150 if picking up in person): the Yangbum or Treasure Vase.

The Yang Bum (The Fortune Vase) is a special vase prepared according to Guru Rinpoche’s terma scripture to increase peace and positive energy within people and also harmonize the elements of the environment.

It is filled with chakras of wealth, auspiciousness and long life. It also holds holy substances collected from sacred places around the world, crystals, semi-precious stones and other artifacts, which are blessed and consecrated to magnetize the energies of prosperity, harmony and long life as well as to ensure the preservation of family lineages and the flourishing of Dharma. It also contains herbal medicines for healing and substances that avert negative forces.

The vase was made at Palyul Ling International, McDonough, NY presided by HH Gyangkhang Rinpoche, HH Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche, Khenchen Tshewang Gyatso, tulkus, khenpos and sangha following the guidelines of the glorious Palyul lineage.

In addition to the substances mentioned above, the vase contains pills made by His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche that contain the relics and holy substances from his personal collection.

The vase is to be kept on an altar, or if placed in your office or business venues it must be placed on high and respectable place. One must not open the vase! If damaged, it must be fixed and consecrated by a qualified master.

How to donate
To donate using PayPal, click here

If you prefer to donate by mail, send a check to:
Palyul Ling International
359 Hollow Road
McDonough, NY 13801

Thank you for considering helping Palyul Ling International!

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Wire Transfers
If you would like to make a donation of $250 and up via wire transfer, please contact the office at retreat@palyul.org for the required information.

Please send a check made payable to "Palul Ling" to this address:
Palyul Ling International
359 Hollow Road
McDonough, NY 13801

Credit Card by Phone
Call in your donation by credit card. Phones open 7 AM to 8 AM , 4 PM to 6PM, 9 PM to 11 PM. (EDT/UTC-4) Dial 607-656-9640 and ask for Credit Card donations.


Texts for Rigdzin Dupa and Yumkha Tsog: Available by ordering online

We are happy to be able to offer you Rigdzin Dupa (Guru) and Yumkha (Dakini) tsog texts for those who participate in Tsog in their local temple or practice at home. Please note that these texts are the upstate version (not PCDO/NYC in use online by Lama Pasang Tenzin).

Click below for a PayPal link to order.

If you are outside of the United States and wish to order more than one copy, please email retreat / palyul.org for details on postage. We do have limited supply so if PayPal does not allow you to order, please email retreat / palyul.org to indicate your interest and we will email you upon re-printing of the edition. May all beings beneift!

Rigdzin Dupa


It is best to only order if you have had teachings in these practices. If you have questions about whether you are ready to practice Tsog, call the center at +1-607-656-4645 or visit your local Palyul Center and speak to the resident lamas.

International Orders:
Please note the system will charge $20 for shipping but it is possible the shipping could cost more. We will inform you prior to accepting your payment and shipping.

Weekend Attendance - Visitors

During the one-month retreat, the following part-time retreats are available.
We hope you can join us!

Weekend Wangs (Empowerments)
Every Saturday and Sunday during the one-month retreat, an empowerment is given, usually at 2 PM each day. Weekend empowerments are usually appropriate for those focused on Ngondro or other newer students, so please check back for the schedule, usually posted closer to the time of the retreat.

Arrival time is Friday evening for check-in. Please keep in mind you might be sharing with a full-time retreatant so your arrival should be before 10 PM if you do arrive on Friday.

If you arrive on Saturday, please check in with the office before proceeding to the temple.

You must remove your belongings from your accommodation during lunch on Sunday, if you are with us for two days; or by noon Monday.

Thank you!

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