Air Travel Advice and Getting to Center by Bus

Where to fly:
Newark:The closer international airport (and usually cheaper to fly to) is Newark International Airport, in Newark, New Jersey. From Newark you can easily take a bus right to Port Authority and then change for a bus to Greene. Or you can rent a car one way and drop at the Binghamton airport. Avis has a location in the airport as of this writing; Hertz and Enterprise have locations in Vestal.
Closest-Binghamton: The closest airports are Binghamton (45 minutes) or Syracuse (1 1/2 hours), but transportation may be more costly and less convenient (taxis cost about US$60 from Binghamton airport).
Less Convenient: LaGuardia and JFK are on Long Island and farther east of the thick traffic of Manhattan. Best to go to Newark so you are already west of the city and avoid some of the traffic that is inevitable in that area.

Bus info
Bus versus rental car: You can also rent cars from any airport. You can fly to JFK, but it will be an hour trip into New York prior to getting to Port Authority and then an additional 4-5 hour bus ride.

If your overnight flight arrives by 10 AM, you should have time to transit customs, take a Newark Express airport bus to Port Authority, and catch a 2 PM (14:00) Greyhound or 2:30 pm (14:30) Coach bus to Greene. Or you can arrive by

Coach bus schedule from various cities is here.

Greyhound also goes to Greene.

CAUTION: Many of these bus services DO NOT accept mobile phone tickets. You should have those printed out before travellign or pick-up at the bus station (and "allow plenty of time as Port Authority can be super-crowded," says one retreatant who missed their bus as a result of long lines.)

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