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2018 Empowerment Schedule

This year His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche will grant empowerments from the ten-day version of the full Namchö cycle. He will also grant key empowerments from the Longchen Nyingthik cycle as follows below.

Registration form here.

Note: It is advisable to register in advance as we could sell out. We request those staying offsite to please register in advance so we can plan for food.

Room availability: sold out.

Tent availability: moderate to low. Prime tents (near bath house) sold out. White tents sold out.

Empowerment Schedule:

Saturday, July 14
Minling Vajrasattva Empowerment

Sunday, July 15
Avalokitesvara Empowerment:
Dukngal Rangdrol, Self-liberation of Suffering from Longchen Nyingthik

Monday, July 16
Chokhor Duchen

Thursday, July 19
Refuge vows granted

Saturday, July 21
Palchen Dupa Empowerment
Gathering of the Glorious Ones from Longchen Nyingthik

Sunday, July 22
Bodhisattva Vow
2pm Rigzin Dupa Tsog

Saturday, July 28 Tachung Barwa Empowerment
Hayagriva-Garuda Empowerment from Longchen Nyingthik

Sunday, July 29
Seng Dongma Empowerment: Lion-Face Dakini from Longchen Ningthik

Wednesday, August 1
First Day the Namchö Empowerment (10-day version condensed into )
These will be given every day from 1:30 PM until complete.

Thursday, August 2
Second Day of Namchö

Friday, August 3
Third Day of Namchö

Saturday, August 4
Fourth Day of Namchö
Lama Dance and Party

Sunday, August 5
Fifth Day of Namchö
Long Life empowerment

Monday, August 6
Sixth Day of Namchö
Dakini Day Tsog Offering

Tuesday, August 7
Seventh Day of Namchö

Wednesday, August 8
Eighth Day of Namchö

Thursday, August 9
Ninth and Final Day of Namchö

Friday, August 10
Conclusion Tsog offering with Mandala Offering