Weekend Attendance - Visitors

During the one-month retreat, the following part-time retreats are available. We also welcome visitors for empowerments ("wangs"). We hope you can join us!

Please note that tents are the preferred accommodation choice for weekend visitors. You can note your preference for a room and we will let you know if it is feasible for your dates.

Registering for the last weekend? EASY group registration form:

Weekend Wangs (Empowerments)
Every Saturday and Sunday during the one-month retreat, an empowerment is given, usually at 2 PM each day. Weekend empowerments are usually appropriate for those focused on Ngondro or other newer students, so please check back for the schedule, usually posted closer to the time of the retreat.

Arrival time is Friday evening for check-in. Please keep in mind you might be sharing with a full-time retreatant so your arrival should be before 10 PM if you do arrive on Friday.

If you arrive on Saturday, please check in with the office before proceeding to the temple.

You must remove your belongings from your accommodation during lunch on Sunday, if you are with us for two days; or by noon Monday.

Thank you!

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