Download Release and Waiver Form Here

Thank you for your registration for the Palyul Retreat.

We have one more step to take to conclude the registration process. Please read below carefully and sign the Waiver and Release of Liability Form.

Return the form to Palyul Ling, 359 Hollow Road, McDonough, NY 13801

Cancellation and Refund Policy (NEW):
Please be sure to read the Cancellations and Refunds Policy as it has been updated as of 2016.

Personal Tents
The Health Department forbids use of personal tents and recreational vehicles on the retreat site.

Medical & Insurance Information
Palyul Ling International and Palyul Retreat Center do not provide insurance for accidents, illness, psychological care, hospitalization, or loss of property during the retreat. No medical staff or facilities exist on site. Binghamton is 25 miles away from the center and has full hospital and medical service. Greene, 7 miles away, has doctor’s offices. Palyul Ling International and its Retreat Center is in a rural environment. If you suffer allergies including hay fever or bee stings, please bring appropriate medication to treat yourself. Palyul Ling International and its Retreat Center cannot be held liable for any accidents including accidental death, injuries, etc, resulting from your stay at the center.

Personal Property
All personal property brought to Palyul Ling International and its Retreat Center is brought at one's own risk. Palyul Ling International and its Retreat Center cannot be held liable for damage to, theft of, or loss of personal property prior, during, or after the retreat.

In order to protect the atmosphere of retreat, certain behaviors disturbing to the majority of retreatants cannot be permitted. Retreatants understand that they attend the retreat based upon the good will and permission of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's representative, His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche and the Retreat Committee, and agree that, should the committee so determine that it is in the best interest of the individual and the retreat, that individual must leave the retreat site if requested. A refund of the remaining days will be made should the retreatant be required to leave the retreat prior to its completion.

Palyul Ling reserves the right to ask anyone behaving in a disruptive fashion inside the temple, in particular, to leave. For the benefit of all retreatants, parents are requested to take turns watching restless children outside of the temple during programs and to especially bring children out of doors should their behavior disrupt the quiet atmosphere of the temple.

Tsa Lung Students and Higher - Course Levels -- Important
Tsa Lung and Dzogchen students are expected to uphold a high level of conduct and will be under close scrutiny by the retreat masters. By signing the waiver form, all Tsa Lung Dzogchen students accept that the retreat masters may determine a student is not ready for Tsa Lung or Dzogchen practice and that he or other qualified Palyul teachers may require the student to repeat the Ngondrö course. The retreat center reserves the right to place the student to a particular level or class. Anyone wishing to depart from the retreat as a result of being asked to repeat an earlier course may request a refund of the retreat fee for the remaining days. Anyone may be asked to leave the retreat at the discretion of the retreat master for any reason at any time, subject to the rules of retreat cancellation and refunds.

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