PDF Registration Form

Please endeavor to use the online form for your registration as it works better with our system and requires less work by hand.

If you truly cannot, use this PDF form for your registration.

You will need to download and then open from your desktop (opening in a browser may not allow you to complete the form.)

Faxing or Posting the Form
Fax number: 607-656-9912 NOTE - on 4/18 we had a power and phone outage which may take a few weeks to solve for those wishing to fax forms.
Mailing address: 359 Hollow Road, McDonough, NY 13801

How to Email the Form - Do NOT include Your Credit Card Number!
If you want to email your form, you can do that by sending to retreat at palyul dot org. (It is not possible to send via "contact us.")

Then *call* the center with your credit card number (607-656-9640). See office hours.

Never send your credit card or other personal information by email - we cannot guarantee its safety or privacy! Identity thieves scan email for credit card numbers.

You can email the form without any payment information, or fax to 607-656-9912 (pre-registrations only, please; during retreat time, use retreat office fax). We will need you to call with your CC number before the discount deadline for the application to qualify.