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Saga Dawa Teachings and Practices 2020

This month, known as Saga Dawa, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha Shakyamuni. Saga Dawa in 2020 begins on May 23 and ends on June 21. Merit generated during this time is amplified. There's lots of opportunity to practice virtually, so below you'll find a list of online practices we've heard of in which you can participate. You can practice at your own level or, if you are an experienced student, you might consider taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts (Sojong Vows followed by fasting after 12 PM) and/or following a vegetarian diet.

Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche
Lama Pasang Tenzin

News - Monthly Meet-up, Early-bird discount

Early Bird Discount Extension
We are going to extend the June 10 registration deadline to June 16 as the office can only be open on June 16 for acceptance of credit cards. Please call between 1 PM and 4 PM with your credit card number to take advantage of this program!

Monthly Meetup
We have a monthly Meetup for meditation led by monks in residence or senior students. Our upcoming dates are:
June 19
June 23
July 17

New York City Yangsi Rinpoche birthday and NYC Center Fundraising

Happy New Year! On December 31, 2016, we celebrate HH Penor Rinpoche's Yangsi's birthday. Please join us in wishing him a most happy birthday.

If you can, please do consider donating to help realize the wishes of both the Third Drubwang Penor Rinpoche and the current Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche for buying a New York City center!

Bus Upstate for Day Trip 8/6 & 8/7

Some friends of Palyul are once again organizing busses to come upstate.

Cost: $55 round trip (includes lunch)

For Bus Ticket Info, Please Call:
Karma: 617-997-6148
Tashi Phuri: 617-997-6177
Karma Dorjee: 917-519-4576

Sat, August 6, 7 AM, Jackson Heights 74th Street
Sun, August 7, 7 AM, Jackson Heights 74th Street

Bus departs Jackson Heights at 7 AM;
Same day returns from center departing at 4 PM (arrives city around 9 PM)

Saturday, 7/30 - Rigdzin Dupa
Sunday, 7/31 - Guru Rinpoche
Wednesday, 8/3 - Chokhor Duchen
Saturday, 8/6 - Amitabha

2011 Wang Schedule (Empowerments)

Friday, July 15 - Dzam Ling Chi Sang
* Smoke offering practice
Saturday, 7/16 - Refuge Vows
Sunday, 7/17 - Bodhisattva Vows
Saturday, 7/23 - Vajrasattva NOTE CHANGE!
Sunday, 7/24 - Yumkha (Nyingthik)
Saturday, 7/30 - Rigdzin Dupa (Nyingthik)
Sunday, 7/31 - Guru Rinpoche
Wednesday, 8/3 - Chokhur Duchen Procession of Texts
Saturday, 8/6 - Amitabha
Sunday, 8/7 - Amitayuus Long Life

Room Availability - update!

As of 6/25 the following rooms were remaining. Please note that these are filling up fast and that you may not be viewing the most up-to-date list! Get your registration in early - use the fax. 607-656-9912 :)

North Dorm:
* few scattered shared rooms

East Dorm:
* few scattered shared rooms

South Dorm:
* sold out except for limited shared rooms and potentially some family rooms (shared with 3-6 people)

UPDATE >>> Volunteer Memorial Weekend 2011!

UPDATE: The weekend was a success! See photos here

We need your help!

Come up Memorial Weekend 2011, May 27 - 30, and help the monks-in-residence prepare the center for the summer retreat. Van transportation from New York City, food, and accommodations provided as a thanks for your help.

Activities will include gardening, planting flowers, dorm cleaning, kitchen set-up and more. If we're lucky, it won't rain and we'll be able to enjoy beautiful weather! Even if it does rain, we'll have plenty to do indoors. Do be sure to bring warm clothes for the evening as it can cool down this time of year to the low 40s at night.

- Expecting sun and thunderstorms (both!)
- Expecting temperatures to reach 80s in the day; 60s at night