Second Year Course - Tsa Lung/Tummo

Second Year Course: Tsa Lung/Tummo (Vajra Channel and Inner Air)

“Tsa” means “channel” and “Lung” means “air.” This is a practice for purifying one’s obscurations through working with the subtle body (tsa, lung and tigle), a rich practice that totally engages body, speech and mind.

Our class is lead by a monk with over ten years' experience in teaching Tsa Lung to Western students. Teachings and explanations may be given by the retreat master or other tulku on site. The required empowerment is given within the first three days of the retreat so students attending shorter durations should not miss those days.

Please note that it is more beneficial to attend the entire one-month of Tsa Lung at once although half time attendance has been permitted.

Prerequisite: The first year retreat and completion of the Ngöndro practices, or a firm commitment to complete the Ngöndro practices. Also open to students who have completed the Ngöndro accumulation in other lineages with prior written permission.

Prior written permission by Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche can be obtained as he travels the United States.

On-site permission may be obtained, but if you wish to be assured you will be accepted into the Tsa Lung class, prior written permission is highly recommended.