Phowa Retreat - August 5 - 10

Phowa is a complete practice unto itself and a very direct method that involves visualization, chanting, and meditation. "Phowa" (prononce "poh-wah") translates as the "transference of consciousness." It is one of the most essential practices we can do, one that can help us prepare for our own deaths or help us when we experience the deaths of those we love.

The practice of Phowa is a very direct method involving visualization and mantra. This intensive instruction usually takes about five days in a retreat setting, and brings about physical and mental changes by opening the central energy channel in our bodies.

At the conclusion of the practice, a simple test is offered for those who wish it to seek for signs of accomplishment.

Can be taken as a unique unit or as part of the full Ngondro course. Some students from other classes choose to take the class as their last week.

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