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Summer Retreat 2020 Schedule


Welcome to this year's summer retreat. While we will not have our class teachings this year and the upstate center remains quarantined, we are happy to be able to join together in practicing through the internet. If you missed orientation, you can watch the session here, or download the deck here.

We hope you will be able to join us!
Please register here so we can keep you informed about special practice and teaching schedules.

Schedule for the group practice sessions and teachings follow.

All public events will be held on the Retreat at Palyul USA Facebook page.

July 10 - August 10, 2020
All times noted are New York Time (Eastern Time Zone)

Daily including weekends:
7 AM -- 8 AM - Riwo Sangcho, Vajra Kilaya Practice and Tara Practice
9 AM -- 10 AM - Bodhisattva Vow and Guru Yoga
Please note: at certain intervals rare heart teachings from His Holiness Penor Rinpoche will be streamed as part of the webcast
2 PM -- 4 PM - Independent practice session (NOT WEBCAST). Follow practice you know, or use this time to read His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's book, An Ocean of Blessings.

Weekdays evening
7 PM -- 8 PM - White Sur and Aspiration Prayers

Weekends evening (Saturday and Sunday)
7 PM -- 8 PM - Teaching
Click here to find the time in your time zone.

Special Practice Dates
Currently plans; please register for notification of changes
July 10: Opening prayers Retreat Starts at 8:45 AM
July 15: Dakini Day (7 PM)
July 24: Choekhor Duchen (10 AM)
July 29: Guru Rinpoche Day (Guru Tsokye Dorje) (7 PM)
August 10: Closing prayers and mandala offering Retreat Ends

Additional Optional Practices
The upstate monks will conduct the following practices during retreat which will be webcast and you can feel free to join.
Saturdays, 9 PM: Chöd

Morning practice time conversion:

Evening practice/teachings time conversion:

How to go on retreat in your own home - optional
1. Pick a room that you'll use for your retreat practice.
If possible, select a room you can have to yourself for the full day. If you cannot get a room to yourself, let those who are living with you know that you intend to take retreat during the dates you select and arrange with them to allow you to do chanting practice during the time frame. It is important not to insist to others that they bend to your retreat schedule, but rather for you to find a skillful way to work out logistics.

2. Prepare your food for the time you are on retreat, or ask someone to help you.
It might be useful to plan out your menu for the week and purchase food accordingly, only leaving retreat if absolutely necessary.

3. Create a sacred space or corner of your room.
You can do this with a full shrine, but you can also do something as simple as putting a cushion on the floor with a flower on a table. You can also find a spot outside of your home that you find comfortable for practice.

4. Create a schedule.
In addition to the webcasting schedule above, plan for practice sessions throughout your day. At the retreat center we have practice sessions at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM, so you might consider following that schedule, considering adding a 4 PM session according to your own wishes. You can also set a time each day for your own "rota" to take care of tasks at your home. You should avoid going into town or other distractions (such as available on screens).

We hope these suggestions will help you get the most out of your retreat.

歡迎來到今年的夏季閉關。 雖然今年我們纽约上州的閉關中心,仍因隔離防疫,而無法 採取以往的現場課堂教學, 我們仍然很高興,能夠通過互聯網一起參與共修。希望您能夠加入我們!
所有公共活動都將在Facebook 臉書上"Palyul USA"的頁面上舉行。
July 10 - August 10, 2020 7/10 至8/10/2020 纽约時間 (美國東岸時間)
Orientation講解入關前的守則: Thursday, July 9, 7 AM (NY Eastern Time)
請注意,7月10日入關日會有較長的開啓儀式,其中將包括煙供(桑)。- 8:45 AM (ET)
7 AM -- 8 AM - 山丘煙供,普巴金剛及21 度母
9 AM -- 10 AM - 菩薩戒,及上師瑜伽
請注意:將不定時於座間播放 貝諾法王仁波切的珍貴的心要教言之視頻。
7 PM -- 8 PM - 共修
7 PM -- 8 PM - 共修
(目前計劃: 請註冊以獲取更新通知)
July 10: 閉關開壇 - 8:45 AM (ET)
July 15: 空行母荟供
July 24: (10 AM) 佛陀初轉法輪節
July 29: (7 PM)蓮師荟供
August 10: 閉關結壇及曼達拉供養
每日 4 PM - 5:30 PM: 供護法、白束煙供、祈願文等
星期六, 9 PM: 施身法

Please visit to find the time in your timezone for this orientation.