Palyul US Summer Retreat - 25th Anniversary!

Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand!
25th Anniversary of the Palyul Summer Retreat

July 10 - August 10: Main Retreat

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We are pleased to announce that the summer retreat will be in-person this year!*

Meditation has become very popular as a healthful way of helping our minds. Leaning meditation without deeper teachings and learning how to generate compassion misses the aspects of practice that can help us the most.

The late Third Holiness Penor Rinpoche founded the Palyul Retreat Center in 1998 foreseeing the need for this help. He founded the center on land spanning approximately 500 acres located near the town of McDonough, north of the Catskill mountains of New York State so that all who wished could come to learn the ancient practices of meditation and prayer as practiced in Tibet. Every summer, formally organized retreats are held at the center beginning with the July 4th weekend "fasting, purification, and compassion" Nyungné retreat conducted by Khenpo Tenzin Norgay Rinpoche. This is followed by the annual summer retreat which lasts from July 10 to August 10. The classes offered start with the beginning, Ngondrö, and then follow the traditional step-by-step program, from Tsa Lung to Dzogchen Tögal and even Dzogchen Trekchö.

In 2022 we will hold a 25th Anniversary celebration on August 6 and 7 that will include a culture program, religious blessings, music, and a picnic. We hope you can join us!

Please read our most current COVID policy.

With advance permission, the center may be used by those who wish to conduct a personal weekend retreat (except during winter months). Additionally, facilities are available for extended personal retreats by Palyul students. Please write for more info.

We look forward to seeing you!

*Pending all safety protocols are passed.
**All programs are subject to change as deemed necessary.