Directions - from Binghamton

From Binghamton

Take 12 north towards Greene. (45 minutes)

In Greene, go past the 206 intersection. You will take 41 north towards Smithville Flats. Route 41 is a left turn – not so easy to see – just 1/8 mile or so past 206 intersection. (20 minutes)

In Smithville Flats, take a right onto the main road. Drive through town. The road will fork with 41 continuing to your left and 220 to your right. Bear Right.

Go about a mile, you will pass a snowplow parking lot on your left. STAY ON 220. You will see a sign to the center soon after on your left, a big blue sign. This is German Hollow Road, a dirt road leading up a hillside through woods. You will pass Hoffman road on the right; the center is marked by a large sign on the right about 1/8 mile after Hoffman road. Turn up the driveway – the temple will appear on the horizon.

Park in the lot and come to the office to get your room key.