Texts (Summer Retreat 2021)

The following are practice texts. Please do not print out and throw away, but remember that since these texts have the power to liberate beings, they should be held in veneration. If you do print out and wish to discard, please burn the text.

This link is provided for Palyul students only. All others please disregard. Thank you!

May all beings benefit!


Use this version (14) if you are using an iPad, phone or computer to follow along
Or if you prefer, you can use this printable version

Aspiration Prayers
中文 Aspiration Prayers (v9)
English Aspiration Prayers (V10)
Tiếng Việt


Daily Practice Text:
中文 Chinese Daily Practice - NEW version (v19-rev) (2020)

Ngondro Practice
中文 Chinese and English

Amitabha Phowa
Practice Text

Rigdzin Dupa for Guru Rinpoche Day
English (v19)
中文 - Chinese (V16a)

English (v13)
中文 - Chinese (v12)

Solkha - Guru Takhyung Barwa (v12)
中文 Chinese version Takhyung Barwa

Evening Practice
White Sur (V7)
Aspiration Prayers (V10)
中文 White Sur (v08)
中文 Aspiration Prayers (v9)

Chöd for Saturday evenings at 8:30 PM
Chinese 中文

Medicine Buddha:
中文 (Chinese) (v09)

For Further Study:
Read His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's book, An Ocean of Blessings

Chökhor Düchen Text:
Treasury of Blessings (v17)

Note: Longchen Nyingthik Sang not available
Sang Collection (v5)
Solkha - Guru Takhyung Barwa (V8)

Naga Sang

In case any prayers are missing, they may be posted at Lotsawa House