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2016 Pre-registration Office Hours

Office hours - UPDATED
The office will be staffed part-time as follows. Please feel free to call during that time period with questions! You can leave a message on Skype also at skype name: palyul
The Skype account (and office) isn't staffed except at the times noted below.

Staffed intermittently on:
September 3

NOTE: during weekends with office hours, we may also webcast morning practice with Lama Sochuk on Ustream.TV channel palyul-webcast. Visit for viewing. Sang will be held at about 7:30 AM Eastern during this time period.

September 5 onwards, the office is not staffed again until March. To speak to someone at the center, call 607-656-4645. Please note that the person answering may not speak English well. Thank you!