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Ride Share - post to give a ride or get a ride to the retreat center

This seems like it could be useful; a forum for rides to the center from NYC!

If you post your email - don't put the "@" sign - just leave it out. Otherwise you can get picked up by Spambots, computer programs that rove the web grabbing email addresses to add to unsolicited commercial email databases.

People can also just click on your name and send you an email.

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I will be arriving at Binghamton airport on Friday July 8 at 5:00 pm. If anyone else is arriving on this day around this time I would be happy to share a taxi.
Best wishes,
Jill Lamphere/Yeshe Palmo

contact email: jilllamphere

I will be coming to the retreat 1 week early on June 23 and staying one week late, leaving on August 18. I'll be flying into NYC (Laguardia) and taking the bus to and from Binghamton or Greene (unless someone wants to share a car from NYC). If anyone is coming to/leaving from McDonough on either day and would like to share driving expenses or a taxi, please let me know. If you're going on the morning of June 24th that may also be possible for me.

I could also meet someone in Binghamton/Greene/Ithaca--probably somewhere else nearby if someone is driving from another nearby town.

My email is: pingdengxin

Best wishes,


There is a van going up 6/24 that will include four of the shabchi. You can probably join that. Post here if that's of interest.

Arriving Binghamton around noon July 9 if anyone would like to share a taxi. Also, leaving July 17 or 18 if anyone driving back to NY.

lynne_safari -

Hi Lynne,

I am flying from AZ with my daughter and her friend and arriving around 10 am on the 9th. I don't know if we can all fit in one cab, but I would love to be able to cut expenses if possible. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Saw another comment mentioning bus transport between La Guardia and Binghamton. Could someone please give me any information on that as I would like to return to La Guardia on July 17 or 18 to catch a flight. Thank you. Lynne lynne_safari

will need a ride after two weeks of retreat for my son Eli and myself. If you are going points northeast please let me know , even a closer bus to Boston helps. will help with gas costs.some flexibility around date. thanks Carol V clvsunshine


hi i need a ride leaving on july 10th, anyone going upstate on july 10th please let me know thanks.

October Butler

Hi All,
I'll be attending the second two weeks of retreat this year, and I'm looking for a way to get from NYC to the center on either Saturday (July 23) or Sunday (July 24). I may end up catching a bus, in which case I'll probably need to get a taxi for the last leg of the trip. So if anybody is driving up from the city on those days or would like to share a taxi from McDonough or Binghampton, let me know!

Cleve Wiese


arrive Binghamton 7 /21 around 4. will be with my son and niece happy to pay for gas. anyone heading to McDonough then?