Work Study Application

Thank you for your interest in attending the Palyul Retreat and the Palyul "Bodhicitta" Work-Study Program.

Being a part of this program enables you to attend retreat when you have time but do not have the money. The program is ideal for students or those on a fixed income.

The kinds of jobs we need help with are not easy. They may mean you have to miss some practice sessions.

The types of jobs include:
* Housekeeping:
- Washing sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags when retreatants depart or large groups.
- Checking rooms after retreatants depart for cleanliness and readiness.
- Coordinating with bathroom Rota Captian

* Kitchen:
- Sous chef or other kitchen helper

* Maintenance:
- Investigate outages and repair as needed or escalate for help (clogged toilets, leaks, broken physical plant items)

- Those qualified for plumbing or electrical (with licenses) please contact Lama Tsewang Norbu at 607-656-4645.

* Office:
- Bookkeeping
- Sign Making

Please this form as well as a summer retreat application form. If you do not have the application for the summer retreat, please complete form first and submit your summer retreat application later.

Please note work-study opportunities are extremely limited and your application does not guarantee admittance to the retreat. The particular work-study category you have selected may not be available based on the overall needs center and the retreatants. As much as we would like to enable everyone to attend this retreat, it is just not within our very limited operating budget to grant the request of every single applicant.

Please note: all work-study must live in tents.

The deadline for receiving applications is May 1 with exceptions made should positions not be filled. Decisions, made by the monastery management and the retreat committee, will be completed as soon as possible, but, because they need to be balanced with overall attendance, may not be made until May 30.

Those with specific skills to offer the center generally receive approval more swiftly.

The Palyul "Bodhicitta" Work-study Program is so called to ensure a sufficient understanding of the nature program: work is your practice during the entire retreat. By applying to this program, you take the attitude of serving the Dharma as well as your fellow retreatants during the retreat, and willingly submit the priority of your personal practice to the retreat work rota for the overall betterment of the retreat. Depending on the work-study you choose, you may miss your teaching or practice sessions. You are expected to take significant responsibilities and practice generosity throughout the retreat. Therefore, we would like you to fully understand commitment you are making to this program before you decide to apply.

The summer retreat fees can be viewed as offerings to further the work of Palyul centers worldwide. By making retreat center self-sufficient, we enable funding to be focused on other charitable efforts Palyul Ling International under way. Some of these efforts include taking care of the health and welfare of the large monastic population. Taking into account the fact there is so much important work to be done, please be sure that you are able much as you can, either in funds or through your labor. Your contribution on any level is very important international efforts.

Thank you again for your interest!