Palyul US Summer Retreat - General Rules

General Rules

Possession and/or use of illegal drugs or firearms will result in immediate expulsion from the center without refund.

The consumption of alcohol at the retreat center is permitted only in the context of certain ceremonies. In general, His Holiness discourages the use of alcohol and tobacco so please try to avoid drinking and smoking at least during the retreat. Any recreational drinking must take place outside the limits of the retreat center.

Please do not drink and drive. If you should over-indulge please call the center for a ride.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Smoking is not permitted in living areas or within 100 feet of practice areas. Anyone smoking in a tent or room will be assessed a $275 cleaning fee.

With the exception of guide dogs, the retreat center cannot accommodate pets. Anyone having a pet in a tent or room will be assessed a $275 cleaning fee.

You may be asked to leave the retreat at any time for any reason as determined by the retreat master for the benefit of yourself an all beings. You will be entitled to full refund of unused retreat days only commencing the day after your expulsion.

Only teachers authorized and stated as teachers on our websites or designated by the Palyul Ling Managing Committee are authorized to teach. Any unauthorized person proclaiming themselves to be a teacher or found to offer "secret" teachings to unsuspecting newer students will be expelled immediately.