Palyul US Summer Retreat - Environment and Accommodations

The Palyul Retreat Center is located on a former farm situated among Central New York State forest preserves. Because of weather patterns affected by the Great Lakes, Catskill Mountains, and relative proximity to Canada, local temps vary unpredictably year round. Summer days can be sunny and warm or hot and humid with temperatures reaching to 90° F. However, one could also experience chilly evenings and perhaps even chilly, overcast, or rainy days. So be prepared for a range of temps from the low 40's to the low 90's, and all sorts of weather ranging from beautiful, breezy, crystal-blue-skies, to grey and rainy.

Accommodations in summer months are in comfortable, but unheated, dormitories or platform tents. All accommodations are shared with at least one other person. Most housing is a short walk from the central dining, bathhouse, and practice facilities. All retreatants must bring and clean their own bed linens and bath towels.

If these types of accommodations would make it difficult for you to attend retreat because of special needs or health concerns, please let us know well in advance as alternatives are limited.

Tents are roomy and tall, with a floor space of approximately 8x10 feet. Each tent accommodates a maximum of two persons (this is strictly enforced due to Department of Health regulations). Each retreatant is provided with one mattress. As with all other accommodations, retreatants must bring and clean their own bed linens (including pillows) and bath towels.

Personal Tents Prohibited
Due to Department of Health regulations that include restrictions on the number of temporary residents at the retreat site, retreatants are no longer allowed to bring their own tents. This policy must be strictly enforced, as violations may jeopardize operation of the retreat center.

Meals are served communally, and both meat and vegetarian entrees are offered. To ensure an ample supply of nutritious foods are available we must prepare in advance, so please be sure to indicate your meal plan preference on the retreat application form and on the signup sheet provided at the retreat center.

Kitchen rota involves assisting the kitchen staff with food preparation, service, and general cleaning duties. On the whole, each retreatant offers kitchen rota at least a few times during their retreat.


When will registration open and when will the retreat registration form pdf be available?

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