2022 - Registration

Online Registration Form

To register for the weekend of 8/5, 8/6 and 8/7, click here!



Trouble Accessing the forms and flyer?
Call the center at 607-656-9640 and ask them to mail you a copy.

Looking for Fasting and Purification Retreat? Click for Nyungne registration information

Faxing or Posting the Form
Fax number: 607-656-9912 NOTE - on 4/18 we had a power and phone outage which may take a few weeks to solve for those wishing to fax forms.
Mailing address: 359 Hollow Road, McDonough, NY 13801

How to Email the Form - Do NOT include Your Credit Card Number!
If you want to email your form, you can do that by sending to retreat at palyul dot org. (It is not possible to send via "contact us.")

Then *call* the center with your credit card number (607-656-9640). See office hours.

Never send your credit card or other personal information by email - we cannot guarantee its safety or privacy! Identity thieves scan email for credit card numbers.

You can email the form without any payment information, or fax to 607-656-9912 (pre-registrations only, please; during retreat time, use retreat office fax). We will need you to call with your CC number before the discount deadline for the application to qualify.

COVID Policy:
We will be asking everyone to sign both the usual waiver AND our COVID policy which is as follows:
In order to hold our retreat and because most centers are following this policy, we are requiring all retreatants to do as follows:

- Must provide evidence of full vaccination prior to coming to the retreat center.

- Must present evidence of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of arriving at retreat. Tests can be Rapid Antigen tests that we can get from free from the post office.

- Must consent to having temperature taken on arrival and respond to our health questionaire.

- Must wear a mask in the temple or other big gatherings at the center unless eating.

We are sorry; those not wishing to adhere to the policy above will not be permitted to attend retreat.

Notes about the form:
The "Fillable" form can be filled out if you download and/or otherwise open with Acrobat Reader. (You will be unable to save the form filled out if opened in your browser). Just save to downloads by clicking or right-clicking on the form and then open from your computer. You'll need to click "sign" for this to work. You can fill out the form and email it filled out, and mail payment separately. Or you can simply print out the form. Please do not email credit card numbers; leave blank. Please review the form from your email sent box to make sure that the form fields are completed!

Note about your class level:
The retreat is step-by-step so in the same way as you wouldn't skip to English Literature before learning to read, so you wouldn't skip to 4th year without completing the 1st.

Additionally, advancement to the following year is predicated on having spent the equivalent of one full month on retreat. This is not mandatory to accumulate all at once, but you can take a week at a time. However, if you wish to jump to the next level up after not having completed the full 30 days, you will be required to get a signed waiver from Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Last, you must have taken your class in-person at the center. Those who attended the virtual retreats will need to have an interview if they wish to go to the next class level. You may select the option on your form and on arrival will be instructed to have an interview to confirm.

Fees Per Person:

Early-bird 10% Discount:
Full payment and registration form, complete and clear with definitive arrival and departure dates, must be received by the office postmarked no later than June 10.

Early-bird 8th Year 25% Discount:
For students who have completed all seven years of our retreat course, we would like to give a chance to attend retreat one week or longer in a shared accommodation at a 25% discount. As with regular retreat early-bird, full payment and registration form, complete and clear with definitive arrival and departure dates, must be received by the office postmarked no later than June 10. One week or longer and shared accommodation required. For returning 8th year students only.

Families with Children:
Children age 4 to 12 can stay with a parent at a discounted rate in a tent or room when the parent is paying the single room or tent fee. So the cost for a tent for the full retreat is $2150 for the parent and $632.50 for each child. (Dorms depend on the dorm selected, but follow the same pattern.)

Family rooms in the South Dorm are based on two parents staying with their children in the same room. The cost is $2530 for each adult ($5060 for two people) and $632.50 for each child age 4 to 12. It is also possible for one adult to stay in the room with more than one child, but family rooms are limited to triple or more occupancy and families with two adults are granted priority.

Cancellation and Refund Policy (NEW):
Please be sure to thoroughly review the cancellation policy here: http://retreat.palyul.org/cancellations-and-refunds and check the box on the registration form indicating you have read this policy.

Office hours - UPDATED
The office will be staffed part-time as follows. Please feel free to call during that time period with questions! You can leave a message on Skype also at skype name: palyul

The Skype account (and office) isn't staffed except at the times noted at the link below.

Pre-registration Office Hours Here

May all beings benefit!

If you cannot use , or have a case that does not fit into the online form, you can use the PDF below. Right-click and download the form below to your desktop and then open separately from your browser.